Sleep Dentistry & Operating Theatre

Sedation Options

At BIDH dental hospital, we are committed in provide patients with safe and effective use of local anesthesia, sedation and general anesthesia. Our dentists complies with state laws, rules and regulations.

There are various level of sedation and different tmethods of anxiety and pain control :
1. Minimal sedation : patients are conscious and in a minimally depressed level of consicousness. May be done by medication, nitrous oxide/oxygen
2. Moderate sedation : patients may be conscious and responds purposefully to verbal commands. May be done by medication, combination of nitrous oxide/oxygen with medication, IV sedation
3. Deep sedation : patients cannot be easily aroused but response purposefully following repeated or stimuation
4. General anesthesia : also known as sleep dentistry in which patients are not arousable

For all levels of sedation, qualified dentists, licensed drugs and proper equipment are are importance to patient safety. Sedation options are recommended based on appropriateness for each patient not just on dental fear or anxiety but also based various factors that include medical need.

Benefits of Sedation Options

Sedation or sleep dentistry may be offered to individuals :

  • Complex & invasive treatments such as jaw surgery, full arch dental implant surgery, multiple tooth or wisdom teeth removal
  • Anxious nervous patients with dental fear
  • Individuals who experience difficulties with local anaesthetics

Operating Theatres

Our Thailand Dental Hospital performs oral surgeries under sedation at our operating theater for major treatments :

  • Full mouth dental implant surgery
  • Jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery
  • Multiple teeth extraction and/or major surgical teeth removal

After undergoing sedation, our registered nurses takes care of our patients at our Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)  and in-patient rooms for individuals requiring additional monitoring, care or rest.


At a Glance


5,933 sqm. space
7 storey building
33 Dental Treatment Rooms
2 VIP Treatment Rooms
1 Dental Emergency Room
1 Operating theater
2 Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
4 Inpatient Rooms
1 Consultation Room
4 Panoramic and CT Scan
2 Meeting Rooms
1 Conference Hall
Basement Parking
Handicapped Toilet

Safety Mechanisms

Central Supply Sterile Department (CSSD)
Fire Protection System
Smoke Compartment Door
CSSD Water Quality Control
Medical Devices Inspection & Packaging
Loading & Sterilization Process
Sterilization Process Monitoring
Sterilized Storage & Distribution


There are various sedation options for dental treatments. Ask our customer care team which type of sedative options is suited for you.

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