Dental Warranty

Bangkok International Dental Hospital dental procedures are based on evident based standard controls. This ensures effective and safe treatment. It is important that you continue to care and maintain your teeth and gums after seeking treatment at our dental hospital.

Please do make your bi-annual dental checkup with your dentist for long-term results and to ensure your dental warranty is kept valid. Despite the high control standards, dental works occasionally do not last for as long as expected due to various reasons. Our bangkok dental hospital provides a LOCAL guarantee on dental labworks.

dental guarantee

Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Veneers & Dentures

  • All dental crowns, bridges and dentures labworks has a 2 year LOCAL dental warranty
  • All porcelain veneers, ceramic inlays and onlays labworks has a 1 year LOCAL dental warranty
  • The warranty period start date is counted from the fixation date of above teeth works
  • Our dental hospital does not rebate, refund or reimburse dental treatments
  • Dental works under warranty will be adjusted, repaired, replaced by our dentists in Bangkok, Thailand only
  • To claim warranty, faults must be formally informed to our dental hospital within the two year local warranty period
  • Secondary cavities, gum infection, gum recession and issues arising from surrounding/adjacent teeth or accidents after the dental work is not covered under the one year local warranty
  • Our dental hospital is not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatment after having tooth/teeth prepared for crown & bridgework
  • The warranty is applicable with reasonable use from patient. Annual checkups are important for the long-term success of treatments. How long your treatment lasts depends on post care maintenance and regular professional checkup with your dentist.

Dental Implants

  • All dental implants fixture posts has a 5 year LOCAL dental warranty; All dental implant prosthetics has a 2 year LOCAL warranty
  • Dental implant fees are not rebated or refunded. Despite having high success implant rates at our center, it is possible that osseointegration of the dental implant with jaw bone may not occur due to various reasons that may not be within your dentist control
  • Should the first implant placement be unsuccessful, a second implant placement and operation will be performed by our implantologist at our center without charge for the dental implant. However should any bone grafts, sinus lift or other materials be required, charges apply.
  • To claim warranty, any faults must be formally informed to our clinic within the stated local warranty period
  • The local warranty will be voided if the dental implants are adjusted or modified by other dentists post treatment

The treatment guarantee covers doctor fees and material costs. It does not however cover the cost of travel, accommodation, overseas dental expenses made by other dentists back home done post treatment or consequential losses that may be incurred.

The local dental warranty does not cover damage of dental works caused by or related to other dentists work done post treatrment. BIDH does not take responsibility for prior or continual dental works. The dental warranty will be voided if the dental works are adjusted or modified by other dentists after treatment, unless you have given prior written notice of adjustments or modifications with our dental specialists consent/response is given to us by written email at Our details is also available on our contact us page.